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Natural Anti Allergy Food

Natural Anti allergy food

Natural Anti Allergy FoodNow a days every getting allergy easily from food which affect their health a lot and make them sick. Being allergic to food is one of the most common problem in the world. Many of the people are allergic to nuts because of the oil present in it. Chemicals and other ingredients (like Natural and Artificial flavouring Mortadella etc.) present in many food and nuts which can make your skin red or make it have rashes. Many food have anti allergic elements in themselves and they are also tasty and liked by most of the people. some of them are used in Indian medical treatments some of them are used as food spices and because of them we don't get allergy from the food.

Sweet potato
Natural Anti Allergy Food

Sweet potatoes, one of the oldest vegetables known to man, are highly nutritious. Sweet potatoes may also be one of the best additions to your diet if you suffer from allergies as they are one of the foods that are least likely to cause allergic reactions (that is also why they are often recommended as a safe first food for babies). Sweet potatoes also contain vitamin C as well as some unique root proteins which, according to preliminary studies, have significant antioxidant properties.


Natural Anti Allergy FoodApples are one of the best dietary sources of quercetin — a flavonoid that has been shown to effectively protect against allergic reactions.Quercetin is contraindicated with some antibiotics; it may interact with fluoroquinolones (an antibiotic), as quercetin competitively binds to bacterial DNA gyrase.


Natural Anti Allergy Food
Allium sativum, commonly known as garlic, is a species in the onion genus, Allium. When crushed, Allium sativum yields allicin, an antibiotic. Allicin has been found to have numerous antimicrobial properties, and has been studied in relation to both its effects and its biochemical interactions. One potential application is in the treatment of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), an increasingly prevalent concern in hospitals.

Natural Anti Allergy Food

Ginger acts as an anti-histamine and can aid in the treatment of allergies. Here is a simple Ginger Tea that makes a wonderful natural allergy treatment:
  • Peel and finely chop 1/4 inch of fresh ginger.
  • Add the ginger to 1.5 cup of water in a saucepan, and bring to a boil.
  • Continue boiling until there is approximately 1 cup of water remaining in the saucepan.
  • Strain the tea into a cup or mug and enjoy. If you find the taste to be too strong, add honey as a natural sweetener.

Natural Anti Allergy Food

Some research shows compounds in turmeric to have anti fungal and antibacterial properties; however, curcumin is not one of them.The wide range of turmeric health benefits come mainly from its main ingredient,
curcumin.This is widely researched component of turmeric is hihly therapeutic and is used in various drugs and pharmaceutics mainly because of its immunity boosting and anti-oxidant properties 

Natural Anti Allergy Food

Lemons or Citrus lemon is a small every green tree native Asia . The oil of the lemon's peel also has various uses. It is used as a wood cleaner and polish, where its solvent property is employed to dissolve old wax, fingerprints, and grime. Lemon oil and orange oil are also used as a non toxic insecticide treatment.

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015



  • Vegetarians are safe from high cholesterol .
  • Red wine is beneficial in treating high cholesterol.
  • You can never have a heart attack if your cholesterol levels are normal.
  • Saturated Fat Is Dangerous.
  • Lowering CHOLESTEROL With Statin Drugs Will Prolong Life
Cholesterol Meter

It is a white, fatty mass produced in the liver which aids digestion and helps produce cell membranes and hormones.
"Egg Fact:- Avoid the egg yolk if you have cholesterol."
Beingoverweight can cause cholesterol levels to rise and this in turn can increase risk of heart disease. High density lipoprotein if get decrease show high cholesterol and vice versa for Low density lipoprotein.

Now your question is what are High and Low density lipoprotein ?

High Density Lipoprotein.As it does, it removes harmful bad cholesterol from where it doesn't belong. High HDL levels reduce the risk for heart disease -- but low levels increase the risk.Low Density Lipoprotein.LDL cholesterol is considered the “bad” cholesterol because it contributes to plaque, a thick, hard deposit that can clog arteries and make them less flexible. This condition is known as atherosclerosis. If a clot forms and blocks a narrowed artery, heart attack or stroke can result. Another condition called peripheral artery disease can develop when plaque buildup narrows an artery supplying blood to the legs.

Why HDL good for you? 
It prevents extra cholesterol from accumulating in the bloodstream and directs it to the liver for elimination.


Garlic: The Ancient Herb for Heart Health For thousands of years, garlic has been used in nearly every culture in the world, and not just to repel evil.Avocado: Healthy Fat Superfood Avocados are a great source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat?a type of fat that may actually help to raise levels of HDL ("good"cholesterol) while lowering levels of LDL ("bad" cholesterol). And these delectable green orbs pack more of the cholesterol-smashing beta-sitosterol (a beneficial plant-based fat) than any other fruit. Beta-sitosterol reduces the amount of cholesterol absorbed from food.Oats and Barley Both oats and barley are rich in a form of soluble fibre called beta glucan.  Once eaten beta glucan forms a gel which helps bind cholesterol in the intestines and prevent it from being absorbed.   It is recommended that we eat about 3g of beta glucan per day.  Foods which contain 1g or more of beta glucan can carry a cholesterol lowering claim.Foods rich in unsaturated fats Keeping our daily saturated fat intake below 20g (women) and 30g (men) is vital for cholesterol lowering, but it is equally important to replace this saturated fat with modest amounts of unsaturated fats such as those found in olive, sunflower, corn, rapeseed and other vegetable, nut and seed oils.

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Sleep deprived?

Sleep deprived?


Sleep deprivation is the condition of not having enough sleep; it can be either chronic or acute. A chronic sleep-restricted state can cause fatigue, daytime sleepiness, clumsiness and weight loss or weight gain.It adversely affects the brain and cognitive function.
Most of the people are sleep deprived that make them high strung, edgy and affects their daily routines and functions.Lack of sufficient sleep also leaves you crabby and unfocused during the day, leading to low productivity and thereby increasing your stress levels.


  • Job stress
  • young children
  • noisy environment
  • snoring,either one's own or spouse's
  • physical ailment
  • staying up on the internet till late
  • alcohol addiction
  • heavy meals
  • jet log


  1. Exercise:-People leading a sedentary lifestyle usually find it more difficult to sleep at night. If body gets sufficient exercise, it will sleep at night. This is because exercise, besides being a great stress buster.
  2. Relax. Being relax is the most important. Get into a relaxed mode, read something light, listen to soothing music.
  3. Eat your meals in a relaxed manner.Eating too much or too little effect brain directly.
  4. Stay away from caffeine in all forms. It will keep you buzzing at a time when you should be relaxed.
  5. Establish a proper sleep routine.
  6. Don't lose sleep over not getting sleep.
  7. A warm bath, milky drink, the right temperature in your room these are perfect ingredients for a good night's sleep.


Research and experts point out that 7 to 9 hours of sleep is ideal. According to them, sleep duration affects the endocine and metabolic functions. Some of the long-term effects of chronic sleeplessness are impaired glucose tolerance, reduction in insulin sensitivity and elevated blood pressure, which can lead to a hardening of the arteries.

Thursday, 4 December 2014


Tiny Troopers
Size doesn't matter for these miniature men of war. 
Take control of a platoon of crack soldiers and deploy in a variety or war zones as you battle through the epic campaign.

Featuring awesome visuals, intuitive touch gameplay, varied missions and a great sense of humor, Tiny Troopers is the complete package. 

You control three highly trained troopers whose missions include destroying the enemy, blowing up structures, and escorting journalists through war torn areas. 

Tiny Troopers features 30 explosive missions spread across three chapters, all tied together into an involving, narrative-driven campaign.

Your troops will get stronger and more battle hardened the more missions they survive. Can you keep your squad alive through the whole war?